Wedding Favors For The Bridal Party

Wedding Favors For The Bridal Party

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They are your best friends, sisters, inlaws, and relatives. They are the women who make up your bridal party and you need special gifts for them. There are many different types of wedding favors that are available for the bridal party. There are general bridal party favors that are used often and then there are also personalized wedding favors that can be given to the bridal party. It is all up to the bride in giving the bridal party what she thinks the women will enjoy. These are a few items that can be popular bridal party favors:

Lotions and oils – Lotions and oils can be great bridal party favors. You can be sure that the women will probably use lotions or oils that are given, as they are very popular items with women. You can get hand or body lotions as well as lotions that are scented. There are many different oils as well from body oils to bath oils. You can also make a little basket and have both of these items in them as a good wedding favor.

Jewelry – Jewelry can be a good option as all the people involved in the bridal party can wear matching jewelry such as a necklace or a bracelet. This can get expensive though if you decide to buy nice jewelry.

Chocolates – Chocolates are always a nice bridal shower wedding favor. A box of chocolates or an assortment can be given as well in a gift basket along with other wedding favors. Many times the bridal party is given chocolates that are personalized such as having the initials of the bride or her new last name.

Purses and handbags – You can also give out handbags and purses to the bridal party for a wedding favor. One nice option is you can have them all match so they can use them at the wedding. From a small wallet to a nice handbag they can be a great wedding favor for any bridal party.

Personalized t-shirts – One way to make the wedding more personal is to have t-shirts made for the special occasion. They can be made in many colors and styles and they are practical as well.

Flowers – A bouquet of flowers is always a nice wedding favor for the bridal party. This way you can ensure that everyone will have a bouquet so they do not have to fight for the one that is thrown by the bride at the reception.

Gift baskets – A gift basket can make it easier to give wedding favors to the bridal party as you can incorporate many things in to the basket. You can put things such as flowers, mugs, wine, coffees, chocolates, oils, lotions, and anything else that is small and will make a nice little gift.

Stationary – You can give stationary as a wedding favor as it is always a nice wedding favor. You can even go a step further by personalizing the stationary with the date or various photos. You can ensure that women in the bridal party will keep in touch with you by giving personalized stationery.

No matter what you choose to get for the women in your bridal party, make sure that it has some type of personal touch added to it so that they will all know it came from your heart. These wedding favors will be something that each one will cherish for many years to come.

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